Advisory and Consultancy

Advisory and Consultancy

We, Sky Sea Logistics are providing our support services to our clients with the team of In- House subject matter experts on several matters. You would appreciate that due to provision of these services Sky Sea Logistics is having an edge over others service providers of India in custom clearance field.

  • Reply of Show- Cause Notices
  • Reply to objection raised by the customs department at the time of Post Clearance Audit
  • On site post clearance audit Solution
  • SVB cases (Special Valuation Branch Cases)
  • Filing of Appeals against the orders passed by the custom department and Litigations
  • Advice on foreign trade policy.
  • Filing and Sanction of Customs Refund (RD, Drawback Refund, and Refund under section 27 of Customs Act).
  • Duty Drawback Refund under section 74 of Customs Act 1962e
  • 100% EOU, STPI, EHTP schemes,
  • SEZ matters
  • DGFT Licenses issuance and EODC
  • AEO certification
  • Reply of Customs Objections, Queries, Summons, Letters

Post Audit and on site Post clearance Audit Objections

A new scheme has been started by the customs department in the name and title "On site post clearance Audit". The Ministry is going to cover all importers under this scheme very soon. Under this new Audit system the officers of Ministry of Finance will visit the premises of Importers and Audit the Customs clearance documents at their premises. It is natural that Officers will raise the Audit objections and importers have to submit reply of the Audit objections. Secondly the importers are now required to keep their import documents in a systematic and auditable manner. Since importers are busy in their business activity and finances, it will be difficult from them to face the Audit team of Officers. In view of above facts and to facilitate the importers our company has established a new department and trained this department to handle the work of onsite post clearance Audit of our customers.

We provide following services to our customers

  • Training to importer's employees for proper keeping of records and maintenance of Registers
  • To scrutinize and Audit the maintained records once in a year
  • To help the importers at the time of onsite post clearance Audit
  • Reply to all letters, General notices issued by the customs departments

Filing of Appeals before Higher Judicial Forums

We are filing Appeals in the cases where department has issued order-in- originals against the importers and exporters. We are defending our clients by quoting the citations of earlier judicial pronouncements passed by CESTAT, High Courts and Supreme Courts. Our success rate is very high in Appeal matters.

We attend Personal Hearing on behalf of our Client or along with our Clients to defend their interest before Customs Department. We defend against the charges imposed on our clients vide show cause notices or any other notices.

We file the Appeal before the Appellate Authorities on behalf of our clients. We defend our clients before the Appellate by providing the grounds of Appeal and filing Appeal.

Customs Refund Cases

Getting Refund of excess duty payments and interest requires a lot of expertise in the matter due to various High Court decisions including decision of Apex Court. It is not possible for an ordinary importer to keep the track of various court orders and keep refund documents in order. The provision of "Unjust enrichment" has made the matter more complex. This subject requires a lot of precaution and maintenance of documents from the importer side to get the refund from Government Department. In this scenario our service for filing of refund claim and getting the same from Government departments is beneficial for the clients who want to avail our services in the matter.

SVB Cases Registration and Finalization

It is one area of the continuous pain for the importers who are doing import transactions through their related suppliers. Customs department charges the RD from 1% to 5% till the order is passed by the department in the favour of importer. It is a very heavy cost for the importers who get registered in Special Valuation Branch Special Valuation Branch of the customs deals with cases involving related party transactions covered under the provisions of Rule 2(2) of Customs Valuation Rules 2007. The CBEC has issued the circular No 11/2011 customs and laid down the procedure to scrutinize the impact of relationship on import price. The importer has to submit reply of questionnaire with supporting documents. Importers have to submit copy of agreements/ MOU to the Customs. The Customs department scrutinizes the documents and passes the order either accepting or rejecting the declared import prices under the provisions of Customs valuation Rules.

AEO Status (Authorized Economic Operator)

Consistent with the "SAFE Framework" developed by the WCO, the Indian Customs administration has developed an AEO Programme that encompasses various players in the international supply chain such as importers, exporters, warehouse owners, Custom House Agents, cargo forwarders and carriers. The objective of the AEO Programme is to provide businesses with an internationally recognized quality mark which will indicate their secure role in the international supply chain and that their Customs procedures are efficient and compliant. An entity with an AEO status can, therefore, be considered a 'secure' trader and a reliable trading partner. Under the programme, a business authorized by the Customs as an AEO can enjoy benefits flowing from being a more compliant and secure company as well as favourable consideration in any Customs proceedings coupled with better relations with Customs. AEO status will also ensure a low risk score that may be incorporated into Customs 'Risk Management System' (RMS) and used to determine the frequency of Customs physical and documentary checks. The benefits may also include simplified Customs procedure, declarations, etc. besides faster Customs clearance of consignments of/for AEO status holder.

We provide our advice to our clients to get the above said status of AEO to get fast and smooth services from customs department.


To attract larger investment from foreign countries, India announced its SEZ (Special Economic Zones) interest in year 2000 along with existing EOUs (Export Oriented Units) scheme. SEZ and EOU have been set up to empower economic growth supported by quality infrastructure, attractive fiscal packages at the state as well as center level with certain Rules and regulations.

Along with getting facilitation for Import and Export procedures from Customs Authorities, We help our clients to get regulatory approval and permission by Liaison with Development Commissioner Office.

Being in the EOU and SEZ consultancy services, we help to set up EOU (Export Oriented Units) and SEZ Units.

The EOU and SEZ consultancy services in this domain includes:

  • Advisory on setting up of New EOU and New SEZ Projects and units.
  • Preparation & Registration of Units under Export Oriented Unit Scheme
  • Obtaining Legal approvals from concerned Government Authorities and departments.
  • Bonding approval of the 100% EOU and SEZ Premises by the Departments.
  • Getting Approvals from Development Commissioner Office.
  • Execution of bond with Customs Department
  • Handling all EOU and SEZ related matters
  • Submission of periodic Returns to the concerned Government Department
  • DTA Sales permission from Government Department
  • Reimbursement of all the paid taxes
  • Permission of De-Bonding of the Goods and Premises by the Government Authorities
  • Closure of the SEZ/STPI/EHTP Unit
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